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Car Fragrance

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Car Inspired Fragrances

I have a great love of cars and as such the automotive inspired fragrances are ones that bring back many fond memories of working on, and being around cars


Jackalovski air fresheners are more than your ordinary air fresheners. Hand-made from the finest materials and ingredients, they contain no recycled chemicals, tap water with water softeners or industrial-grade fragrances, no harmful solvents or dangerous ingredients. Instead, we use only purified water and Jackalovski fragrances, cosmetically-approved and hand-blended for an accurate and natural smell. With a higher concentration of fragrance than our competitors, a single spray can light up a room for hours, with fond memories and emotion. Jackalovski air fresheners contain Bitrex bittering agent to discourage consumption of the liquid.

Packaged in a compact, unpressurised PETE bottle the air fresheners are fully refillable as well as recyclable. They have a strong, durable spray head that produces a fine mist of freshness that disperses quickly in the air. The trigger allows for less stress on your fingers compared to an aerosol and can be locked to prevent accidental discharge.  The air fresheners are all made fresh to order and have a 2 year shelf life using a cosmetic grade preservative that makes it skin safe.  


Key Features

  • Hand made to order for freshness, with the highest quality Jackalovski fragrances
  • Safer, containing no harmful solvents of flammable propellants
  • Strong, highly concentrated and long lasting
  • Fully Refillable and Recyclable bottle