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​MASSIVE Website update! 27th May 2019

​MASSIVE Website update! 27th May 2019

Posted by Carl Stratton on 27th May 2019

New changes

So it’s a bank holiday Monday when I’m writing this and I’m waiting for the product file to update to the website. The file brings with it some big changes including new products! The biggest change is a simple one, the Product names are now much more condensed, they have been shortened and rearranged so that the Fragrance is listed first. This is so that it’s easier to see what fragrance a product is when browsing the site on mobile.

Car Air Fresheners

One of the new categories added to the site is the Car Air Fresheners, these little perfume bottles for your car hang on your rear view mirror and slowly evaporate over a couple of weeks releasing the fragrance into the car. The bottles are bought from china but they are extensively modified for quality. From the supplier they’re not designed to work with perfume so they have to have holes drilled in them to allow the fragrance to evaporate, they’re stained black and then sealed and they are fitted with a agitation ball to stir up the fragrance as the car moves.

They’re now available to buy and have 6 different string colours to choose from. Each one is hand made and available with any of the fragrances I have listed on the site, custom ones are also available if you want to email me. These are also refillable so you can buy them with the refill kit that lets you fully refill them up to 6 times and can last up to 3 months. I will soon be adding other refill kits without the bottle for people to change the smell every couple of weeks.

Perfume Oils

I’m finally going to be offering perfumes but for now I have introduced all my fragrances as perfume oils for anyone wanting to create their own smell.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how can I design my own fragrance”. While there’s plenty of ‘How Tos’ out there, there’s not many high quality ingredients. Now all of my fragrances are available as perfume oils, they’re concentrated fragrances you can mix with alcohol to make your own perfumes and aftershaves. I will be adding other ingredients such as Perfumer’s alcohol and jojoba oil in the near future as well as accessories such as bottles, funnels, and measuring syringes. There will even be Creator Kits with a selection of popular ingredients and the tools to combine them.

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm here to help.