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Fragrance Oil

Jackalovski Emulsifiable Fragrance Oils

Product Overview

Jackalovski fragrance oils are general use fragrance oils, carefully crafted and selected by Jackalovski. They are capable of forming and emulsion with both water and wax allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Suitable applications for these oils

  • Fragrancing of wax candles and wax melts
  • Fragrancing of scented car products such as car wax or shampoo
  • Recharging or refragrancing of passive air fresheners such as cards or potpourri
  • For making sprayable water-based air fresheners
  • For scenting cosmetic products such as bath bombs and soaps

Applications that these oils are not suitable for

  • Use in reed diffusers
  • Perfumes and aftershaves

Note: Although approved for use on skin the emulsifiers used in these oils can sometimes leave unpleasant residue when used to make perfumes and aftershaves.


All the fragrance oils are certified under the international Fragrance Association, The IFRA. These certificates are generated based on the known allergens contained in each fragrance blend and issue safe usage limits in most products. The because the blend of fragrance compounds is unique to each fragrance the safe usage limits for each fragrance and product will be different. Please refer to the IFRA information if you are using these oils to make your own products. All Jackalovski oils have available an allergy declaration which lists all the known allergens found in that blend with a concentration higher than 0.001%.


As of 16th December 2008, according to regulation 1272/2008 of the European parliament, new regulations regarding the labelling of products containing fragrances have changed. Specifically on candles and wax melts, these products must display the correct safety information for the product. The CLP information corresponding to each Jackalovski Fragrance oil is available so that our customers can legally sell any products manufactured with these fragrances.