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Car Fragrance
Clean Soap Fragrance
Food Fragrances
Fruit Fragrance
Herbs and Spices Fragrances
Plants and Garden Fragrance
Strange & Unuseual
Sweets and Deserts Fragrances

Car Fragrance

Black Leather A smooth, clean fragrance of cool black leather. 151
Engine Oil The smell of clean, fresh engine oil as you pour it into your car. 517
Gasoline The smell of American gasoline. 098
Leather Conditioner The smell of leather conditioner after it's been applied to some leather seats. 106
New Car Smell The smell of a car, fresh from the showroom. 727
New Carpet The clean, fresh fragrance as you walk into a freshly carpeted room. 175
New Tyre smell The smell of new rubber on your car or bike. 174
Suede The smell of new suede seats in a luxury sports car. 099
Tan Leather The smell of hot leather seats in an old Jaguar on a sunny day. 007
Yanky Leather Cold, new, black leather seats in a V8 muscle car. 185

Clean Soap Fragrance

Baby Powder The smell of clean white baby powder. 011
Coal Tar Soap The smell of your grans bath room, caused by the translucent bar of amber soap by the sink. 161
Fabric Softener The memory of doing your laundry and feeling your fabric softened clothes. 013
Fluffy Towels The soft clean smell of freshly washed towels as you dry your face in the morning. 010
Lemon & Vanilla A combination of juicy fresh lemons sweet vanilla. 181
Lemon Cleaner The lemon fresh scent of a freshly mopped floor. 708
Pine Toilet The clean, refreshing smell of your favourite toilet cleaner. 065
Suntan Lotion The sweet smell of suntan lotion with hints of mango and coconut. 071
Urinal Fresh The clean familiar fragrance of a public urinal after it's just been cleaned. 153
Washing Line The smell whipped up by the wind as it blows the green of your garden through the damp laundry hanging on the line. 058
White Soap The smell of clean white soap that moisturises your skin as you wash. 167


Apple Juice The sweet but sour smell of pure apple juice. 102
Orange Juice The smell of freshly squeezed orange juice. 023
Pink Lemonade The sweet, fizzy smell of carbonated lemon soda. 112

Food Fragrances

Barbaque Sauce The smell of sweet barbeque sauce as you pour it over a hot sausage. 206
Cheese Pizza The smell of a cheesy pizza with a little tomato sauce and Italian herbs. 505
Chip Fat The smell of hot chips as they steam away on your plate. 503
Christmas Mince Pies The sweet and Christmassy smell of a hot mince pie made with sugar, spice and a hint of brandy. 116
Creamy Korma The smell of a creamy chicken korma. 515
Fried Bacon The smell of crispy fried bacon. 509
Garlic Bread The unmistakable smell of an Italian restaurant. 202
Popcorn The smell of the cinema that wafts over you as you que for your tickets. 504
Roast Ham Fresh out the oven and thinly sliced, the smell of the tender pink meat. 208
Smoked Ham The smell of smoked pink ham, fresh from the delicatessen. 209
Tika Masala The smooth, spicy smell of a chicken tikka masala. 501

Fruit Fragrance

Bananas the sweet but fresh smell of a banana, still green at the ends as you peel it. 170
Black Cherry The strong sharp fragrance of cut black cherries waiting to adorn a black forest gateau. 024
Blackcurrant the soft, juicy smell of sweet black currants ready to be made into a jam. 089
Blueberries The sweet and fruity fragrance of freshly picked blueberries waiting to go into the muffin mix. 027
Citrus Fruits The sweet juicy scent of fresh orange and fresh lemon with a sharp twist of lime. 018
Lemon & Lime The refreshing smell of slices of fresh lemon and Persian limes. 016
Mango Fruit The sweet and creamy fragrance of freshly sliced mango. 056
Orange & Lemon Fresh and citrusy smell of freshly juiced oranges and lemons. 015
Orange & Lime The smell of fresh orange juice with a twist of lime. 019
Passion Fruit The sweet smell of freshly cut passion fruit. 121
Peaches The sweet, crisp smell of a peach as your teeth sink into the juicy fruit. 095
Pear Fruit The juicy smell of a pear as your teeth sink into the soft but gritty flesh. 127
Persian Lime The sharp, tangy fragrance of freshly sliced lime. 022
Pineapple Chunks The sweet smell of freshly diced pineapple. 096
Pomegranate Seeds the smell of pomegranate seeds straight from the fruit. 160
Purple Plums The smell of juicy succulent plum as you bit into it. 093
Raspberries The sweet, sharp smell of a raspberry as it falls apart in your mouth. 094
Rhubarb the smell as you bit into a stick of rhubarb dipped in caster sugar. 054
Sliced Lemon The smell of freshly slice lemon. 021
Strawberries The sweet succulent smell of a strawberry. 039
Summer Fruits The sweet, juicy fragrance of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. 044
Watermelon The smell of a fresh slice of water melon as you bite into the juicy flesh. 012

Herbs and Spices Fragrances

420 The unusual smell of smoke in the streets of Amsterdam of the stuff you can’t afford to buy. 077
Apple Spice The sweet and Christmassy smell of apples sprinkled with mixed spices. 032
Cinnamon The dry smell of cinnamon bark, curled and ground on the spice rack. 064
Eastern Spice The smell of mixed eastern spices. 034
Eucalyptus The strong and invigorating smell of eucalyptus with a hint of menthol. 061
Frankincense & Myrrh The smell of burning incense sticks made with the exotic middle eastern resins. 082
Frankincense Resin The smell of frankincense, smouldering in an incense stick 125
Myrrh Resin The smell of myrrh, smouldering in an incense stick 117
Orange Spice The smell of rich spiced and dried orange peel. 033
Spiced Cherry The smell of exotic spices and tangy black cherries. 200
Spiced Plum The fresh smell of purple plums with a mixture of exotic spices. 199
Vanilla Pods The sweet and velvety cream fragrance of vanilla. 026
Woodspice A dark fragrance of spiced wood. 052

Plants and Garden Fragrance

Amberwood A sweet and woody fragrance, dark and empowering with a hint of vanilla. 048
Bedding Plants The delicate floral fragrance of a flower bed in full bloom. 046
Chopped Mint The smell of freshly chopped spearmint, plucked from the garden. 029
Cut Grass The smell of a freshly mowed lawn and the moist blades of cut grass. 076
Dry Soil The earthy smell of dirt as you dig up plants in the garden. 506
Honeysuckle The Floral fragrance of honeysuckle in the evening. 063
Jasmine the light floral fragrance of a jasmine flower. 053
Lavender The soft floral fragrance of purple lavender flowers. 025
Petrichor The smell of a garden after the rain or the early morning dew. 097
Petrol Lawnmower The smell of a 4-stroke engine as it churns up the grass. 149
Red Roses The smell of a freshly cut bouquet of red roses. 066
Rose The smell of roses. 031
Sandalwood The dark, woody fragrance of east Indian sandalwood. 038

Strange & Unuseual

Builders Merchant The smell of cut timber, bags of cement and power tools. 518
Cigarette Smoke The dank, musky smell of smoke hanging in the air of an old backstreet pool hall 197
Cinema Scent The sweet musk of popcorn mixing with the smell of the soft carpeted screen. 192
Coconut Milk The sweet and refreshing smell of coconut milk. 036
Coffee Beans the rich, dark smell of freshly ground coffee beans. 037
Cuban Tobacco The smell of a freshly opened Cuban cigar ready to be lit. 179
Fire Wood The Smokey dry smell of scorched and blackened wood. 516
Play Dough The smell of kids modelling putty. 100
Plywood The smell as you saw through the wood while making that new shelf for the Livingroom. 186
Shea Butter The soft, creamy fragrance of shea butter. 165
Whiskey Cask The smell of an oak barrel that's been sat in the Scottish Highlands for the last 12 years. 203

Sweets and Deserts Fragrances

After Dinner Mints The smell of the chocolate mint thins as you open the green box. 104
Black Forrest Gateau The sweet, dark fragrance of chocolate and black cherry cake with thick whipped cream. 111
Blueberry Muffin The smell of a juicy blueberry muffin as you sink your teeth into it. 198
Bubble Gum The smell of bubble-gum as you fist put it in your mouth and crush it between your teeth. 163
Butterfly Cake A smell of soft fluffy sponge and a creamy fondant icing. 205
Caramelized Sugar the smell of demerara sugar heating in a pan, slowly starting to melt and bubble. 131
Chocolate Cookies The smell of hot, sweet, chocolate cookies as the come out of the oven. 128
Chocolate Fudge Cake The almost sickly-sweet fragrance of hot, sticky chocolate fudge cake. 123
Chocolate Orange The smell as you crack open a large chocolate orb in orange wrapping. 043
Cola Cubes The smell of the sweet cola cubes from the pick 'n' mix. 028
Dark Chocolate The smell of dark chocolate as it melts on your tongue. 103
Jaffa Cake The smell of a biscuit sized chocolate and orange cake. 204
Jelly Sweets The smell of berries and citrus fruits as you open a packet of sweets. 182
Lime Mints the smell of lime mint sweets. 142
Liquorice The sweet scent of soft liquorice as you chew. 176
Neapolitan Ice Cream The smell of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. 107
Pear Drops The sweet smell red and yellow pear drops sweets. 040
Soft Cookies The smell of warm, moist, freshly baked cookies from the local sandwich shop. 035
Spearmint The cool minty fragrance as you chomp down on some spearmint chewing gum. 045
Strawberry limes The smell of sweet strawberry limes. 020
Turkish Delight The sweet, sticky smell of Turkish delight. 156
Violet Sweets The sweet but floral fragrance of the little purple, violet flavoured sweets from your childhood. 057


Amyris Extract A calming extract that helps with relaxation. 811
Bergamot Extract An Uplifting citrus extract which helps you to be more optimistic and relieve tension and anxiety. 803
Black Pepper Extract A dark musky fragrance from this natural extract has calming effects. 820
Cedarwood Extract A rich woody fragrance that has a calming effect that can help relieve anxiety. 823
Cinnamon Leaf Extract A rich, clean fragrance with a fresh, clinical smell. 826
Citronella Extract A strong smell similar to lemongrass that can overpower almost any other fragrance. 812
Citrus Fruits Extract A blend of natural citrus extracts with a sweet fragrance that can help with depression. 865
Clemantine Extract A sweet citrus fragrance that has rejuvenating and uplifting effects. 810
Clove Extract A sweet-spicy, clinical fragrance that has cleansing properties. 817
Egyptian Geranium Extract A sensual rose-like extract used to promote feelings of security and to help balance hormones. 824
Eucalyptus & Lemon Extract A blend of natural extracts that aid relaxation and breathing. 864
Eucalyptus & Menthol Extract A blend of natural extracts that aid breathing, ideal for colds and flu relief. 868
Eucalyptus Extract A stimulating oil that aids the treatment of COPD, Asthma and Bronchitis. 808
Frankincense Extract A tranquil resin extract used to aid meditation and to relieve stress and aggression. 818
Ginger Extract A strong warming fragrance that's dry, sweet and spicy. 813
Grapefruit Extract A refreshing citrus extract to help combat self-criticism. 827
Lavender & Bergamot Extract A blend to help you relax, unwind and rest, it's ideal for combatting depression. 859
Lavender & Tea Tree Extract A blend to help calm and relax with strong antibiotic effects. 863
Lavender Extract A calming floral extract to aid with relaxation and sleep. 828
Lemon & lime Extract A blend of natural citrus extracts that have a sweet fragrance with cleansing properties. 860
Lemon Extract A refreshing citrus extract to aid with concentration. 819
Lemongrass Extract A strong, stimulating fragrance with cleansing properties. 821
Orange & lemon Extract A blend of natural citrus extracts that have a sweet fragrance with cleansing properties. 862
Orange & lime Extract A blend of natural citrus extracts that have a sweet fragrance with cleansing properties. 861
Orange Extract A sweet, cheerful fragrance used to promote happiness and ease irritability. 814
Patchouli Extract A sweet, floral fragrance that helps with stress, anxiety and depression. 816
Peppermint (Menthol A strong, stimulating fragrance that aids with mental clarity. 805
Persian Lime Extract A sweet citrus extract with cleansing properties. 800
Pine Needle Oil Extract A strong, sharp, pine fragrance with relaxing effects. 809
Rosemary Extract A reviving extract that aids with memory and mental clarity. 806
Sandalwood & Amyris Extract An uplifting extract that aids motivation and energy. 802
Star Anise Extract A strong aniseed fragrance familiar with eastern cooking. 822
Tea Tree Oil Extract A calming fragrance used to relieve tension that has cleansing effects. 804
Ylang-Ylang III Extract A sensual fragrance used to combat withdrawal and anxiety. 807